"You guys are fantastic!  Great variety of songs, great vocals and picking."
----Bob Holden--President of Memphis Songwriters Association.



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Pigweed Blues

 In our "other life"  Cecil is an agricultural editor.   And one of the big issues in today's farming is a weed called "Pig Weed".  The problem is that it has become resistant to herbicides.  This weed has been described as the "super-weed"  because of its ability to adapt and overcome.  It hasn't gotten to the point of saying "Feed me, Seymore" but it comes really close!  So of course this weed has caused alot of concern and "blues" among farmers.  So we HAD to write a song about it.  Enjoy!

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Seven Daffodils


Devil Whipping His Wife

 Written by Lee Hays and Fran Moseley, Seven Daffodills sounds like it could have come out of the Scottish Highlands>  Theres a lot of life in this short song and it's one of our most-requested. Listen for the octave jump near the end of the chorus.

Rock House

 The interesting thing about "Devil Whipping His Wife" is how it was born.  If you are from the deep south of the U.S. then you may have heard of an old wives tale that is told about when it rains and the sun is shining.    The saying is that if this happens then it means the devil is whipping his wife.  I (Linda) have always wanted to write a song using that phrase and one night about 3 in the morning it all came together.   What it is really about I leave up to the listeners own interpretation.
 Cecil and I wrote Rock House based on the true story of a little church on Sand Mountain.  As the story goes, a sect of the Methodist church felt led to speak in tongues.  This was not accepted by the rest of the folks.  And they showed their dissaproval by throwing rocks at the church.  So the church became known as "The Rock House Church".