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We are three months and four chemotherapy treatments into this journey to recovery. Linda's responding well to treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She's upbeat, filled with hope and we're singing again at select venues across Memphis. When we  talk about performance, we break our singing into two categories: Public and private. We're singing all the time in private and that time influences the harmonies we share with the wonderful folks we meet. It was one such private time, less than a month into this journey, when we felt the cloud of hopelessness that Linda said to me, "Go get the guitars and let me see how long I can sing." I did as I was told and 45 minutes later we felt like we had received a transfusion directly from heaven. The harmonies were stronger and music even sweeter than we could imagine. It's that way everytime we sing together. Each song is like a first kiss and the beginning of a new love affair. Cancer is a journey with many mountain and valleys. To get through it, we're praying twice: Once when we pray and again when we sing. We continue to walk through the valleys hearing the sweet harmony of hope echoing from our time on the mountain. As in our family lore, in times of pain, first you make a circle, then you pray and then you sing. We thank each and every one of you for your prayers and support. We'd love to see you out and about and share our hope with you.

Linda and Cecil
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"It's fun, it's Southern and if you are not careful you will find yourself
tapping your toes and singing along to this good time music!"
--Mark Parsell, Director of "Meet Me in Memphis" Music Events.



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Live @ Nine Performance

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 November 5th, Y'all!
We were honored to be featured on Live @ 9 on WREG in Memphis and play our original song, "Snow On The Pyramid" as well as our cover of "Wagon Wheel"! We hope you enjoy our performance as much as we enjoyed performing it! Thanks to the good people at WREG for the opportunity!!

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